Alien Book 1st 5 pages of chapter10

Year 10

The unbearable pain of loss.

(A week after Larry took the camp back, Terry helps Susan with a personal matter. Susan spends a crazy amount of time in the bathroom with Terry, Larry is busy training with the other powered which still hasn’t been revealed yet.

They spend most of the day in the clinic, double checking results they received. It’s half and half until they get to the medical area.

In their training Larry pushes himself harder, the others with telekinesis keep throwing things at him, he learns how to make shields and gets better at healing himself.

Heather Is also training mostly with her Uncle in hand to hand combat. Sabrina is still dead set against it, but he doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, and obviously hasn’t told her yet.

They return to the mall for refreshments. Susan is waiting for him in their place, his senses are always stronger after training, so he feels something is different with her natural electrical pattern, he comments.)

Are you ok?”

Susan: (Not knowing if Terry told him, she tries to play it cool.) Yeah why? I mean, why would you say that? It’s not like I’m hiding anything from you or anything….. that’s just crazy talk!

Something is off.”

Susan: Off of what?! Nothings off…… Nothing…… off…. I’m cool…..Cool beans cool…….I’m Groooovey!

Now when you start quoting my Dad, I know something is going on. (Pauses) Wait, there it is. (Looks at he stomach, then at her, but only with a question on his face.)”

Susan: (Can’t keep it in anymore, and blurts it out in excitement.) I’M PREGNANTE!

(He falls to his knees, hugging hers, and breaks out in tears.)”

James: (Walks in to get Larry for an issue, sees his crying, but doesn’t know yet.) Hey Larry I…… whoa….. are you guys alright?

Susan: (Happy tears streaming down her face.) I’m pregnant!

James: Holy****!! That’s amazing! Do you want me to get the family?

(She nods in happiness, He runs around the compound grabbing the entire both sides of the families. As the couple continues to enjoy the moment, Heather walks in after James leaves. Curious, figures it out right away and they all hug.

The day is spent with the entire camp congratulating them. Tom arrives after the celebration with disturbing news. The team meets in the famous war room to talk.)

Tom: I’m sorry to pull all of you together so late.

Terry: This better be good.

Tom: I wouldn’t have come down if I didn’t need you. After Stevens stunt failed, the Adversi leader you faced Larry up’d his game in experimenting on humans. He now has an army of power-eds at his command. I had a team search his sky command, and their not active, not yet.

You need us to strike tonight don’t you?”

Tom: Before he gives them a chance yes. You have some here to help yet right?

Yeah but their no where near strong enough, we’ve been working with them and training since our rescue. Only a few sets of us are really combat ready.”

Tom: Ok we’ll take what we can get. Take an hour and meet me on the ship.

Got it.”

Erin: Whoa whoa whoa there dude! You just found out that you’re wife is pregnant, you’re not going.

Tom: (Surprised by the news.) Susans Pregnant?

Yeah, I found out earlier today.”

Tom: That’s fantastic! (Both hug.) In that case, it’s you’re call if you go.

I can’t not go, if I stay I’d be worrying about what’s going on with the mission.”

Erin: Susans going to be ******.

You’d be surprised.”

(They walk out of the room, Susan is waiting outside of the room with a serious look. He responds with a hug, they walk back into the war room together.)

Susan: How serious?

Very…. Powered army that can be activated at any time, if we don’t take It out now….. this could be it for us all.”

Susan: How strong are all of you?

Those of us going are the strongest of the rescued. They gave me an out, but.”

Susan: You cannot leave them to deal with this themselves, what if you don’t go and you’re the factor that they needed to stop them. If all of them are killed, not only with that kill you but then you’ll have to face them alone.

And that’s why we’re meant for each other.”

Susan: (Blushes.) Go save the world!

(As the teams tell their families quick, Heather over hears commotion and sneaks into one of the beamings. Once on Toms ship they get the layout, still processing his abilities potential, leans on the monitors and ends up coping the data into his mind. Their all thrown off but get the concept of his powers.

Once they know where to go and what to do, a virus is uploaded to the ship, and they transport over in the small window they have. Again Heather sneaks in with no one knowing, everyone is too focused on the mission a head of them.

Ten teams of 10 are sent all over the ship to do real damage. The Powereds are found and once the presence is detected, The Adversi leader activates all of them. The teams are able to terminate a few sections but that’s not nearly enough. The ship consists of human storage cells, unlike prison cells. These cells are more like when you put your luggage away, the nanites within the put their bodies in a stasis. The ship is filled with these, Larry terminates as many as he can through the terminals, but all that does is trigger the self destruct on board.

Others in the groups that have the same powers, or even knowledge of the systems try to even keep them in stasis. Larry tries to take out the count down but he’s locked out, and doesn’t know how to override with his ability.

Heather shows up behind his freaked out by what’s going on, as he turns around, his heart drops and eyes widen with shock.)


Heather: I thought I could help, I didn’t think it was going to be this crazy!


(Everyone that can beam out does quickly, by the time Larry and Heather gets there, the power surges takes it out. They’re not the only ones freaking out about it, many prisoners that have been released are also trying to survive.

Leading the way, he takes her to the glider bay but runs into Kevin first. The doors only cracked open, with a few others having the same idea, 6 of them desperately fight to pry them further. Screaming, grunting, panting, the count down finishes as they finally get it.


Unexpected Alien Apocolypse 1st 5 pages of chapter 9

Year 9

Power struggle



*****! ******! Come on!! (Fires at the enemy, and tries running away.) Guys move your *****!”

Kevin: I’m running as fast as I can!

Chris: We are going faster then you are!

Come on their right behind us!”

Chris: We’re not out running them Larry.

(Knowing shes right, he uses some shards of metal around them as a detraction.) Keep going! (Using his powers, he pulls the metal around him and throws it at the Adversi soldiers.) Errrrraahh!!! COME ON!!”

Kevin: It’s working!

Chris: We’re close to transport. Guys load up, Larry and Erin can cover us!

(Both of them use their powers to take the enemy out, Erin TK’s them out of the way, and Larry throws electrical pulses at them. Terry grabs a gun to help hold the line, the few Adversi that followed the are killed, the team walks away pretty beat up.

On the way to the Camp, their attacked by another, vehicles come out of nowhere to push them off of the road. Once they do, Larry is the 1st to jump out, and strut over to the unknown trucks.

They fire at him, but he deflects with ease, and captures them, taking the group back with them. As they go back to the mall, one of the men captured speaks with him.)

David: We’re just trying to survive you know.

(As he’s driving, he looks up at the mirror looking back at him, and adds.) Ya well there are many ways to do just that. You don’t need to hurt people.”

David: Well you’re one of those powered freaks, so you don’t understand what it’s like to fight for your life.

Actually I do, we’ve only had these abilities for a few months. Myself, and a few of the others in here built the strongest Resistance in the area.”

David: (Intrigued.) What’s you’re name?


David: (In awe.) The Leader of the war efforts? That Larry?

Not anymore, the surviving military body took us over.”

David: Really? You let that happened? Come on man, that doesn’t sound like you.

We were too busy being turned into powered freaks, to keep them out, so I’m sorry (Says with sarcasm).”

David: Why haven’t you kicked them out yet?

Terry, tell the man why.”

Terry: Before we fell, our military was the strongest in the world, Now the resistance we created is the strongest defense we have. There are a lot of people that are still a sleep to the idea that our defenses are gone. SO……

We keep them in charge, at least until things get out of hand.”

David: So you’re letting them play leader? Interesting,….. why are you telling me all of this? My group was going to kill you.

As you said, it’s about surviving. You did what you had to for you’re people, with us, we become one. Problem solved.”

David: That’s dangerous thinking.

Terry: He’s a dangerous man.

(They drive into the camp and walk the captured group through the grounds. The military goons stop them and question what they’re doing, even though it’s obvious to everyone else. Cell were set up for this very reason, in case questionable people were captured, or citizens needed to cool off.

Steven is brought out to them and questions Larry’s logic in front of everyone. Trying to discredit him.)

Steven: (Walks out to meet them along with 15 armed soldiers.) What the **** is this?

(As fake of a sport attitude as he can muster.) Mission complete boss, we hit a few snags back there but we got it done!

Steven: Who are these people, and why are they here?

Oh yeah they tried robbing us, and I thought I was a coolio Idea to bring them here, so they could help us do it to others. Great choice ehy?”

Steven: (Knows he’s not taken seriously.) You Canadian now?

I like trying random accents sometimes, it makes me feel mysterious.”

Terry: (Looking at him strange.) Since when?


Terry: You’ve never tried talking like that…

Yes I do…(Shifting his eyes trying to keep his patronizing tone going.)”

Terry: Give me 5 times you’ve done that.

Steven: EEEEenough!! Their here now, put them in the cells. Larry, a word!

(In the War room)

Steven: You need to accept that your not in charge anymore.

Hahahaha! (Puts his hands on the table and leans on them as he stands. Head down, looks up to him with his eyes. And says.) I’ll play you’re game until you’re way becomes a threat to MY people.”

Steven: We’re on the same side.

You know you’ve been spinning that wheel since I woke up. Yet I keep seeing the exact opposite. You know more people have died under your command.”

Steven: Yet under yours people kept on leaving.

I never forced people to stay, and if they wanted out I controlled the departure.”

Steven: You make it sound like your the master planner. I’ve talked to everyone about you Larry, Your nothing! You worked at an office supply warehouse until the Aliens came. No training of any kind, all you are is a nothing trying to be an action star.

(Smirks and keeps his form.) Sure, I’m the nothing that will eventually show the remains of the world, how pathetic the existing protectors of this country really is.”

Steven: We’re going to have a problem aren’t we?

Not at all, because I want to see you **** up, and you’re going too. Until then, think of me as your right hand man.”

Steven: Sorry buddy, I already have one of those.

Fudge! There goes my dream job.”

Steven: (Smirks.) Get out of here you smart ass!

(Larry Walks to his living quarters and plops on the couch, turns on the tv and plays the last movie in the dvd player. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. If you’re curious of how they have power in a time like this, its a 3 way combination of gas generators, solar panels and small wind mills. Each method with a different purpose.

As he’s resting, Heather walks in and sits by him to watch the movie. James and Shelly walk in and joins as well. All sitting down and escaping the current reality. His parents at the dividing point between the dinning and living rooms, enjoying the calmness.

Susan finished with her shift enters the room, James gets up and sits in one of the chairs so she can sit with Larry. Terry about to walk in and relay an issue, sees the setting and just cannot break it up, so she goes to Steven.

They laugh at the scenes, and Larry and Susan start a tickle fight that moves to them ganging up on Heather. All of them just can’t stop laughing at each other, it lasts for a few hours until they exhaust themselves.

A walk is taken by the young couple, as they walk around the outside of the mall, talking about what happened.)

Susan: This is nice, we should do this more often. I love the breeze.

I defiantly agree, I’m loving this night. It’s been along time since I’ve been able to have fun like that.”

Susan: (Gets serious.) It tore me apart when you were taken again, I was nearly destroyed when I saw your condition.

Yeah… Honestly I had no idea what to do. I prayed every single moment. After we developed our abilities, that’s when I began to fast, I knew it was going to take an extreme level of faith. And….. I knew that rescue was out of the question, it was a question of spiritual endurance.”

Alien book chapter 8 1st 5 pages

Year 8

You haven’t see anything yet

Susan: Well, why are we still here? We need to rescue them!

Rick: (Understanding her anger.) We can’t, without the God’s angels, we have no 1st line defense.

Susan: We have an army! And a freaking spaceship! We are stronger then 10 people.

Sabrina: Shes right Rick, as good of fighters as they were, we have a few thousand people on our side. I want to save my brother, that needs to be priority.

James: (Larry’s cousins James and Shelly enter the war room.) There’s a problem with that.

Rick: And who are you?

Sabrina: (Excited to see them) James, Shelly! (Gives them a hug.) Where have you been?

Rick: (Sternly keeps them on topic.) Ok so what’s the problem?

Shelly: We were in the area when they were taken, looked into his eyes as Larry was…. beamed up..

Susan: (Mad at what she just said.) And you guys didn’t even try to save them??

James: We checked radar and there is no sign of the ship, plus the Adversi are all over the area. It’s not a good idea to go back, we need to get ready for an attack here.

Eric: (Walks in after over hearing the group.) And who are you exactly? I mean you come out of no where conveniently after Our fighting force is captured, why?

James: We’re Larry and Sabrina’s Cousins. We’ve been through as much as his team has. But, Shelly and I don’t travel in a group.

Shelly: We just arrived here a few days ago, I didn’t know you were here until Larry was captured. James and I had to assess the area before doing anything, once we did it was too late.

Sabrina: Where have you been this whole time?

Rick: We can’t do a reunion right now. If what they say is right, the Adversi could on us in minutes.

Eric: I’ll get our fighters ready.

Heather: Can we even fight that many?

Shelly: It’s not about fighting so much as it is more about keeping everyone alive. If we need to fight we will.

Sabrina: (To Heather.) Your not fighting anything, me, you your father, Susan and the rest of our family are taking cover until the panic subsides.

Heather: But mom!

Rick: She’s right, in fact I need to spread that warning to everyone. It’s not a good idea for people to be running around right now.

James: Ok soo, what’s his name is getting the army together and, you (Pointing at Rick.) Are going to warn the resistance of the mall?

Rick: I’m Rick and the man you’re talking about is Eric. And yes.

Shelly: Ok, let’s defend this place and then catch up.

(The next few hours are the most nerve racking, they’re expecting a full scale attack of their survivor camp. Everyone that is able to defend surrounds the Mall, but the attack hits the other camp instead.

A few small groups aid the camp in defending, but the efforts fail. Both camps merge into one miserable team after the threat is passed. The Aliens didn’t come close to the mall because of the other camp. Because their attentions were diverted, they were able to eliminate the Adversi within.

Living in the mall with 2 different camps that hate each other is… well imagine someone killed your loved one, now you have to live with them…. yeah awkward. Anger is rising since there are too many people in one space, complaints are being murmured everywhere.

Susan, Sabrina, Eric, James, Shelly and Rick meet in the war room to discuss living arrangements.)

Rick: (Standing around the table in all seriousness, he asks the obvious question.) What do we do with the rooming?

Sabrina: We have a ship don’t we? Just send people there.

James: It’s not that simple. The ship needs fighters and people to train them, and repair the ship. Those there now are well…. useful.

Susan: You didn’t just say that…. So everyone here is expendable then?

James: No that’s not what I’m saying, it’s just—

Shelly: (Saves her cousin from his own words.) We used to have a team, and controlled a ship, it didn’t last long. When you run a ship, only fighters, fliers, trainers, medics, and mechanics should be there. Only in emergencies do we send others to the ship for protection.

Susan: But we have a need now, our people are about to kill each other.

James: We need to expand the camp. It looks like it was inevitable.

Susan: No one will be willing to help build.

Rick: They will if they want to keep living here.

Susan: (Looks at Rick) Wow, dictator much?

James: It’s what my cousin would do.

Susan: No not this way.

Shelly: Yes he would, we know him well. Larry would remind everyone what would need to be done to keep order. Those already contributing will be left alone, people that haven’t helped will or be kicked out. It’s not a difficult concept.

James: No it’s not, but a lot of people are lazy and don’t want to do anything. With the leadership gone, we need to step in and restore.

Eric: (Clears throat out loud to get attention.) So, expansion plan is the plan? (Gets nods.) What about the Adversi threat?

James: What about it? As long as their on this planet, they will be a threat. Focusing on what is here in front of us is what we need to do.

Eric: Ok, well what about saving the Gods Angels?

James: Do you have a lead? Any of you? (Everyone either shakes their heads, or looks down in a no response.) Expand and defend is it then. Our fighters on the ship can protect the area.

(They depart to exercise the plan, and no one is happy about it, help or fend for yourself are the options. They are running a marshal law camp in the name of the old leadership. Of course it’s not far from what Larry would do.)

On the Ship

(The Adversi troops take Larry’s team to different cells, everyone of them scared out of their minds, but remain to themselves. It doesn’t take long for them to be taken one by one to be experimented on.

Terry is seen taken 1st, Larry watches as she is dragged kicking and screaming. He barely flinches, not out of carelessness, but getting his mind around the situation. There’s a strong chance no one is coming for them anytime soon, all they can do now is dig deep and help each other.

The Aliens strap her on to a table in front of a few other people, everyone is given injections of what ever they normally give humans, then the “Fun” begins. Wires are pierced into their skin, and electricity is sent through their bodies. All of the people start to convulse and foam at the mouths, a lot of them die right away, others wish they were dead. The Adversi studies the subjects, breaking points in each person, and switch them out for others. Terry is returned to her cell, a few of her team mates are close by and see her condition.

Alien book, chapter 7 1st 5 chapters

Year 7

Trials and Tribulations


Now? Fudge! *%%*$ *&%^&,!! (Feels around on him.) CRAP! I DON’T HAVE IT, DID I FREAKING LOSE IT???”

Rick: Larry calm down!

Me calm down what the *%$^*! are you *&*&% kidding me?”

Tom: Larry stop trying to swear, you really suck at it!

But I don’t know where it’s at!”

Rick: You mean these.

Oh thank God!”

Tom: Terry is everything ready?

Terry: It’s all a go!

Crap, Crap, Crap!!!”

Alex: Are you kidding me right now? Dude We’ve survived Alien torture, took over a ship blew up a ship, and have had hand to hand combat with more aliens then I can count. And this, this is what makes you nervous??

Terry: Okay, once you put it that way. It does sound very odd.

Tom: Please tell me you’re not.?
“NO, I’m going to do it….. It’s just, it’s been so long.”

Rick: Guys let me have a moment alone with our guy.

Thanks everyone.”

Rick: Okay, lay it on me. What’s wrong?

I……… I don’t know, I guess I’ve been fighting so long. Dealing with what darkness is out there that, it’s messing with me.”

Rick: I know you had to go through hell, but the 2 of you still got each other through. Seeing you those 2 times did more for her then you can understand. You had Faith.

Faith wasn’t enough sometimes, I had to lie to myself most times. Going to our home town, finding no one there, it killed me. But that night, when I looked up and saw her standing there, looking at me….. I was revived, I can’t explain it any other way then that.”

Rick: Then just say that. Both of you are the strongest people I’ve ever met, she kept your family together. You kept your team together, both sides could’ve went badly. Fate brought you to each other, and it also brought you back.

It does seem impossible otherwise.”

Terry: (Peeps her head in.) Hey are you guys ok?

Rick: Yeah, we’re coming. Soooo are we good?

I think so.”

Rick: Don’t think so, know so. Hold on. (Calls Larry’s dad.)

Lawrence: What’s wrong?

Rick: He’s choking. I’ll wait out there.

Lawrence: Talk to me.

I don’t feel like I deserve this, it feels too good to be real.”

Lawrence: That’s doubt setting in, both of you have come so far son. Unlike Susan, you had only faith to rely on. You hoped everyone was alive, she had proof you were. Most importantly, both of you kept people going, hoping. In the most scared time we’ve been through, neither of you gave up. That tells everything about who you are.

You’re right. I’ve almost died more times I can count, times I was wounded beyond surviving. Each moment I thought of one thing, one thing only.

(Larry stands in front of Susan, and a pastor. Rick is next to him with Tom and Alex. Susan has Larry’s sisters and Niece standing next to her, all in the best clothes they can find. The families of Gods Angels are the crowd. Larry continues to say his vows.)

And that was the fear of not seeing you again. My 1st words to you were me talking about a dragon in the room, you went along flawlessly. We went through a hell together that no one could imagine. Then we had to deal with not seeing each other again. When I saw you again, I was brought back to life, my meaning was revived.”

Susan: Larry, when I saw you, no one thought you were going to survive. In fact everyone said you were going to die, I felt different. You’re wrists were slit so bad half of your blood was gone, you’re body was going into shock, your head smashed into the window and had a cracked skull. Spine was broken in 3 places, there was no way you’d live. But you woke up, were told you’d never walk, and you ran. You saved me from abduction. Even on an Alien ship, you were told no, but you made a yes. I saw you flying gliders that should’ve exploded, and you not only survived, but won you’re battles. We reunited under unimaginable odds. We had to travel between camps to survive, nothing was for sure, It was my sightings of you that kept my hope alive. It’s because of all of that, I’m positive that you are my person.

I can’t imagine life where you don’t exist, that life would be cold and meaningless.”

Pastor: Would you Susan take Larry for your husband?

Susan: Yes!

Pastor: Larry, would you take Susan for your wife?

Most defiantly! Oh, uhmm, shoot, Yes.”

Pastor: As God and all present today as witnesses, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss.

(Later on they’re way to the gliders.)

Susan: Now the question is… Where will the honeymoon be?


Tom: It’s right outside, your green fly zone is loaded into the system. If you go anywhere near the red lines, auto pilot will correct you. You’re clear for a half an hour of flight time.

Susan: Wait,…. what’s going on? Are we seriously going to fly a glider?!!!

Tom: Larry is probably our most skilled pilot. You’re in good hands. We had this planed for months, all securities are in place.

(Clicks radio in) Come on, lets go.”

Susan: YEEEESSS!!!!!!(Runs to glider)

(Turns and looks at Heather) Well Oompa Loompa are you coming or not?”

Heather: Wait, I’m going with you?!

Tom will take you back tomorrow, this thing sits 3. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!”

(They get into the glider and Larry flies them up, and well, shows off a little. Knowing the risk they are taking, he makes sure to keep all risks as low as he can. Showing them the landscape, and flies as close to the atmosphere as possible. Only staying out for 20 minutes, they land in the docking bay. Larry shows them both around the space ship, Toms close people shows them around places Larry hasn’t seen yet.

A few months back Larry had to go on a stand alone journey with Terry, out of range from radio contact, they had to get closer Red zone close.)

Terry: Please tell me we’re not going to do what I think we’re going to do…

I’m afraid so….. The only way to contact Tom is to go to their tower.”

Terry: Well come on lazy, we have a lot to do.

Alien book chapter 6 1st 6 pages

Year 6

Change is good

(In the living section the next day, Rick catches Susan and Sabrina arguing pretty bad. When he asks what is wrong, it gets interesting, Larry’s parents are near and end up joining the conversation as well.)

Sabrina: That is crazy there’s no way.

Susan: I’m telling you it’s possible!

Sabrina: Look I want my brother to be out there as much as you do, but there’s just no way he can be!

Susan: And why is that? I know him, he’s a very strong person. We all know what he lived through!

Sabrina: I know how strong he was, but surviving being taken by Aliens? Come on Susan, you’re smarter than that!

Rick: Whoa whoa hold on you 2, you’re fighting about Larry being dead or not?

Sabrina: She’s trying to say that not only is he alive but he’s fighting back.

Rick: Ok….

Susan: If he could get off of the ship, wouldn’t it make sense if he joined a resistance group?

Sabrina: How would he get off of the ship? They are Aliens! There is no way he could’ve survived that. Also where’s you’re proof?

Susan: Oh, you want proof? Here, I took this picture last night during the air battle.

Sabrina: (Looks and the picture and freaks out, nearly drooping the phone.) Oh my ——— Oh crap….

Rick: Let me see that… (Sees the picture. Larry limping to the glider, and another him getting in, the 1st of him being helped up from the ground.) Son of a B****! This is pretty hard to Ignore Sabrina.

Lawrence: (see the pictures) Wow.. Yeah that’s him.

Susan: I saw him the last time as well.

Lawrence: When was this?

Susan: When the glider almost hit me, it slowed down and tried to regain itself. It was that moment I saw him for a split second, screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to get control again.

Sabrina: Wait, why didn’t you say anything about this before?

Susan: after he was abducted instead of me? You guys would’ve just thought it was survivors guilt. Of course I kept this to myself.

Rick: So you think he’s with the resistance?

Susan: How else would you explain this? He was flying a glider knocking out the enemy, like he was doing before. He is out there right now looking for us the only way he can.

Rick: It does hold up.

Sabrina: Yeah,…. I guess it does.

Military: (Addresses the living area.) Everyone we’re in lock down for a few days, just until we know the threat is gone. There is plenty of supplies in here for everyone. We just want to make sure its safe.

Rick: Yeah, that makes me feel very calm.

Susan: It’s better then moving on. Just stay calm and in maybe a week we’ll be ok.

(Time passes as everyone slowly goes crazy, small fight start breaking out, the military officers have to break up. Eric tries again to make his move, but now that Rick knows his friend is alive, he’s making sure he has a girl to come back too.

A few nights go by, after the same of the same. Darkness just begins to fall, while wrestling outside can be heard by few, but it’s dismissed easily. It’s not long until what is really causing the noises shows it’s ugly face, or faces.

In small amounts the Adsari make their way into the gates, at 1st slowly killing the people inside. Their not discovered until a mother with her baby, on a late night walk finds the tall armored creatures, attacking her people.

The screaming echos throughout their area, the fighters rush to their posts, but it’s to late. The people in the camp do not have the advantage.

Susan and the rest of the family were scattered, and now rush to find each other. As she fights through the chaos to get to them, she finds a group of the Adversi about to attack a bunch of kids. A soldier sees this as well, and distracts them as Susan gets the kids to safety.

The Aliens are now everywhere, making more progress then they should be. Soldiers are trying to fight back, but their armor is more advanced, it’s harder to hurt them now.

A wall of fighters stand between the Adversi, and a majority of the people. They are scared out of their minds, for there’s nothing the soldiers can do.

Out of the pit of despair, is found a twinkle of hope. Multiple energy blasts are fired behind the Adversi, blowing their heads off. Unknown men run around the compound taking out any Alien that can be found, on guard and on fire.

The citizens are confused as to what is going on or what to do. They can’t tell if the people coming into the camp are helping them or the enemy.

Terry and Larry see a cluster of the aliens moving in on a group of kids and a few fighters. With risk of hurting those that are being attacked, they need to go hand to hand, which is dangerous but has to be done.)

Terry: That’s crazy! We’re more vulnerable in hand to hand!

If you have a better idea I’d love to hear it! (No answer) Ok let’s go.”

Terry: You know, I really hate you.

Susan: Crap! Eric, Rick!

Eric: We can’t fight them!

Rick: We can’t let these kids get hurt!

(Larry and Terry come up from behind and slit their throats open, and take them out by snapping the necks. A few of the Adversi are harder to kill, Larry gets into a full blown fist fight. He tosses it, it throws him like a beach volley ball, and acts like a commander to the others around it. Terry busy with a small group, and the few others still giving aid to the rest of the compound.

The Adversi leader using Larry as a punching bag, has no idea he’s weakening him. He goes for the kill and takes and energy gun and blows the Aliens head off. Both Terry and him take pistols, tossing some to Rick and Susan. Not registering in their minds that they’ve found each other, they run of in opposite directions, Larry with Terry and Susan with rick.

Badly hurt both join their teammates, and take out the rest of the Adversi in the camp. The citizens cheer on and celebrate the victory, and help the fighters that killed the enemy.

The dust settles, and the medical area gets flooded with the hurt and dying. Susan and the few other doctors and nurses are being overwhelmed. Erin comes by the medical area by Susan’s request, she’s asked for any medical supplies, but she has to find their leader.)

Erin: Hi, are you Susan? I’m Erin. You asked for me..?

Susan: (Takes a second to process) Uhhh oh yeah! Um do you guys have any medical supplies with you by chance? We’re running very low because of this attack.

Erin: Yeah, I just have to find our Leader to make sure it’s ok.

Susan: Do you know where he would be?

Erin: Should be in here somewhere, he took a very bad beating.

Susan: Ok lets look.

(In the meantime, Larry is being looked at on the other side of the medical area. Strangers are moving back and forth, looking for loved ones, people in fear that their going to die. Even though the threat is over, chaos is still alive and well. Larry can’t help but look at every passing person, wondering if it’s his mother, Father, Sisters, friends, niece, or girlfriend. Looking for over 2 hours, he feels a strong darkness taking his heart. The hopelessness that’s been trying to take him down, what he has been fighting for 2 long years. Trying to keep the faith of his loved ones being alive.

Larry’s fears now taking control, winning over his fighting spirit. He’s dying, his want, will, faith. There isn’t anything left.

Erin and Susan still looking around, all they see are just others, but a few of the citizens point them in the right way. As Erin is looking, Susan goes ahead of her. She stands confused for its the end of the medical area, in that moment the people walking back and forth part ways. Her eyes rest on a man that hasn’t been seen in a long time, not face to face or touched anyway.

Susan is paralyzed, she thinks its him, feels that it is Larry but is not able to do anything. Larry finally looks up, and sees Susan standing breathless and speechless. His heart is overwhelmed with emotion, nothing can be heard, said, or thought of. Time stops. He gets off of the bed he’s sitting on, and stumbles over to her, and falls to knees.

Erin and Terry see Larry and are also feeling what he feels, knowing where he was at, how close to destruction he came. He grabs her legs and cries, she falls to his level and their foreheads connect. Grabbing each others heads and blubbering on one another, they let out a crying yell that gets everyone’s attention, and understanding.

Alien book, Chapter 5 1st 5 pages

Year 5

This is how legends are made

(Susan Is stuck wondering if she should say something about seeing larry, but with no proof, she knows they’ll just say she’s crazy and too hopeful. She eats it right now and just focuses on the families. There is an army between the inlaws, well anyone that is willing to join them.

The camps morals have went up since they saw the alien gliders fight each other. Talks and rumors are everywhere as far as a resistance goes. The military is trying to cover it up and pretend to have the situation under control, but words from survivors that are being moved into their camp say otherwise.)

Sabrina: (Talking to the family.) Hey did you guys hear of the gliders attacking each other?

Mom: I heard the wooshings and explosions, but the Officers tod us to stay inside for our protection.

In law Brian: Anyone already inside was forced to stay.

Heather: It was crazy dad, there were ships falling everywhere!

Brian: What, and why were you outside?

Heather: I was hanging out with the other kids, all of a sudden alarms went off.

Brian: And you didn’t think to run inside where its safe?

Heather: I’m sorry, I was caught in the moment and wasn’t thinking.

Susan: Well I was just outside of the gates when one of the gliders almost hit me.

Sabrina: How did you get outside of the gates? They don’t let anyone that far.

Susan: Things got crazy and I followed the military out.

Sabrina: So your saying you heard danger and ran towards it?

Susan: Oh, uhm I guess, yeah.

Rick: Uh guys, we have a problem:

Sabrina: What now?

Peter: Because of that stunt, they are moving all of us out. Not safe.

Susan: Crap, again!? This is very annoying.

Military officer: Excuse me, I’m sorry but we’re moving this camp, anyone wanting to come with us should get ready now. We leave in 2 hours.

Lawrance: Thank you sr.

(Camp is moved into sherlong Illinois which is midstate. The excitement in the sky jarred the military too much, and right now the people’s safety is everything. Many people can’t help to think if the military is really fighting or just hiding.

While in transport, the real damage and threat is exposed like a nerve. They drive right in the middle of an ambush.)

Officer#1: Son of a B****

Officer#2: It’s an ambush! Everyone stay inside!

Officer#3: They’re everywhere!

(A few veterans that have been shut up the entire time step out and in, sneaking up on the aliens and quickly learn how to use their weapons against them. It’s a shock to the officers and a learning experience. Weapons are taken and at least one dead alien for study, which freaks out the people in transport.

Hours later they arrive at the destination, which is a military compound, basically a military state. Everything is strict and controlled.)

Lawarance: I hope we don’t stay here, I tried joking with one of the soldiers and they cursed me out and almost beat me. And others are just rude.

Sara: People are just taking what they want even if others have them, and yell back. It’s its just mean.

Susan: Yeah….. all of them are just A$$H**** we need to get out of here somehow.

Brian: Well I don’t know, their not letting anyone out.

Susan: F***!

(Larry’s family tries to fit in, and prays for a way to make things work. 2 months as things do get better, while smiles are faked and cheeks are turned towards the meanness of the others. All of the refuges from Wisconsin has been looked at as trash, they band together and try overthrowing the military. All families that want nothing to do with the fight hide for dear life. One Officer leading the convoy for Larry’s family leads them out, and the leaders of the others do the same with their groups.

Transportation is a risk they cannot afford, so they all run to the nearest safe area. Jumping between zones to stay safe, the officers find an abandoned building they clear for their survivors.)

Sabrina: (Crying)

Sara: Honey are you ok?

Sabrina: No! We’re trying to stay safe and survive this hell and we keep running into problems!

Sara: I know……. But it’s going to be ok. I know it will.

Susan: Larry would know what to do……

Lawrance: What would he say to do?

Susan: Stay with strength.

(The officers find the big traveling group a much safer place to lay low, a supermarket seems fair. They use it to gather strength and supplies. The men of the group begin to get with the program of they’re new world, and start training so they can fight back against the aliens.

It’s not long before they have to do just that. The officers wait until the teams that are sent are far enough away from camp, then experiment with trying to kill them. It’s not easy to watch, a few of the men die trying to take them on with no weapons, in a freak out it’s found that their own weapons have to be used.)

(On the Alien ship.)

“Different ship different situation, we know what to do and how to do it but timing is always everything. By now it’s been days, others in the cells are scared out of their minds with fear. I’m too calm for their comfort. The aliens take me for torture and experimentation many times, and I use the opportunities to figure out where we are. I take a much more direct approach this time than last.

Before I waited months, built trust and alliances, and plans. Now I need to make it much less than that. The ships inside is strange, the cells are different, some are like basic jail cells, others are like bio organic. I think they put the dangerous prisoners, or experiments in those pods. The ships layout is also in that nature to a degree, it’s a mixture of whatever alien metal is used and an organic mix, probably for regeneration.

I’m taken several different ways throughout the ship, to many rooms for torture and other purposes, it’s a stupid idea because I’m learning the ship and finding my people. Most of them are in the same cells, we all make eye contact and understand. Out of nowhere a familiar voice is heard.”

Katy: L-L-L- Larry????! Is that really you?

Katy? Seriously?”

Katy: Larry don’t give in to them!!!!

“I don’t plan to! I’m strapped and then my body is shocked to its core, im being executed. But…… I feel a cold liquid going into my veins. I don’t know what’s… Oh…. Oh Gooo……

I black out and wake up on the famous shore and see Allen.”

Allen: Hi Larry.

What’s going on?”

Allen: Their trying to kill you.

Why am I here?”

Allen: This is your safe place where they can’t break you. You’ll be awake soon.

The world has fallen apart. And all I can find are people trying to kill each other.”

Alien book, chapter 4 1st 5 pages.

Year 4

The Beginning of Hell

“It’s been 2 months since capture, and….. well words are…. Worthless. I wish I knew what to say, It’s just not coming to me. Seeing hope is almost not conceivable, the very thought of it right now is far out of reach.

The world has begun a slow apocalypse, going downhill, worse then what humans could ever do to each other. Screams echo the area I’m in, darkness has taken nearly everyone, It’s working on me.

I find it pointless to talk with anyone, what’s the topic going to be? Where I live, lived. What I did, who I am, it’s all nonsense. Not speaking shuts people down from trying to talk to me, they are always trying to figure out how to bust out. My plan is that of my life, I observe, listen, follow, given little to no resistance, I do as I’m asked/told. The aliens that took us don’t push me around like they do with all of the others, most people here think it’s because I’m giving them up, but that’s far from the truth.

The aliens only use force when it is needed, if it is not given to them, their guard is kept down. I watch everything I can, shifts, torture rotations, behaviors, anything that might be useful. There are many strange conversations going around the cells, theory’s about how our enemy communicates to each other, and how they get information out of us. They don’t say anything at all, my thoughts are telepathic link, but if they do talk to us, it’s like a mixture of a cricket call, bird chirping and an annoying little dog barking.

We are all taken for different reasons, those that get out of line are tortured, others are taken to be experimented on but only those that are seen as stronger, all are tested. It is my belief that they are using us, not just to get into our heads but use humans against humans. That is only a theory. I am tested often in different ways, psychologically, physically, mentally. They look into my memories, trying to dig for information on their enemy, us.

The enemy is taking many people to test in the ways they do me, probably to see how everyone is different, who can be used easier than others. I’ve seen people being tortured, and mutilated, things that most don’t see.

I’m in my group cell now, just thinking about my family, and what’s going on now. Everything was looking great before all of this, but I was told something bad was coming, I just didn’t expect an alien invasion. My cellmates don’t understand me and like everyone a year ago, they choose to ignore me. I’m use to the treatment so it feels normal.

The aliens come to the cells to take people for experimentation, I am 1 of those people, this is the 1st time they’ve taken me for this. My cellmates are less than sorry…. Ok they are very happy, like I said, they think I’m a traitor.

1 out of each cell is taken at a time, the others are handled violently because the people always fight back, they only just walk next to me because of my method. We are taken through a long walk way, which goes pass hundreds of cells and torture rooms. The Aliens walk us through an auto opening door, inside are many table that are made to keep prisoners secured while tortured.

Myself along with 9 others in the same room are strapped down, the experimentation starts. Strange robotic devices appear from different areas of the room, they attach to our heads and wrap wired tentacles around our arms. Electrical currents are sent throughout our bodies, it doesn’t stop there. Once that is finished another type of bot comes in and attaches itself to us, this one injects some sort of chemicals into our bodies. I can feel it doing something but I don’t know what.

The discomfort is at a level 5 right now, not the best feeling in the world. I can tell the others are at a much higher level than I am, the others are screaming. It’s my thought that they are giving worthy or strong prisoners a series of injections, maybe to transform us, or help us withstand something else.

Once back at our cells, I’m left sitting against the wall exhausted, the others talk amongst themselves as usual about theories.”

Treavor: I’m telling you, they have to be studying us in order to better eliminate us.

Gret: They are experimenting to understand our race better, probably to know our individual characteristics.

Jennifer: I still think their turning us into weapons.

Treavor: Why are they taking that a$$hole now?

Gret: Maybe he stopped feeding them information, so they started to treat him like the rest of us.

Tom: Don’t be so sure of that.

Treavor: You weren’t saying that yesterday, what changed your mind now?

Tom: I can’t say but I can tell that something is different.

“I stare at them staring at me, but I just turn my head to the side to ignore it. A few hours pass as they take me again, this doesn’t happen often. 1 other from my cell is taken, it seems like it’s for another round of experimentation. The same bots do the same thing except the level is drastically increased. I feel something different this time, while currents are running through my body, I sense information as well.

I’m not sure if they realize it, but I can feel fragments of their leaked information, it’s very hard to concentrate on. The harder I try to decipher it the more of a toll it takes on my brain, I need to learn about their tech and language, but the only way will hurt. What I did get was a visual layout of the entire ship, I need to study it further to know where to go. I think I can push to learn the language and more about them, but I have to prioritize.

Normally people are only taken for torture or experimentation 4 times a week, so the bodies can recuperate. Those that have only recently been taken are being grabbed more than normal, the enemy starts taking me twice a day. The toll isn’t friendly to me, each time I try getting more information, I not only get it, but it takes a lot out of me.

2 weeks go by, I get a slight understanding of the language, and plans. I search more for how to operate their systems, and how to escape. I’m starting to feel the others, and when I look at them they look back at me with better eyes, I think they know what I’m doing.

They scramble us around in the cells, meaning they put us all in different areas of the ship. I think they suspect us digging around in their mainframe, but if that’s so then why just kill us and start over? I’m put in a cell with 3 others I was experimented on with, they see me but don’t think anything at 1st. Our captures feed us by hosing slop into a large horse trove looking thing, we all dig our hands in it to eat. A girl near my age accidently touches mine, she looks at me with a look as if she was just awaked.”

Terry: You……. You were the one that created the opening..

Whah? What are you talking about?”

Frank: What are you talking about?

Terry: Our hands just brushed and I..i.i. I felt the same presence I felt when we were being tested.

Frank: (Finishes the slop in his hands.) That can’t be, I know this guy, he allied with the aliens to kill us.

Terry: (Takes his hand again.) No, no your wrong. He never said a word, but I don’t understand….

Carl: What’s there to get? How do you know anything about him at all?

Terry: Him, Alex, James and I were in the same group when taken. Alex, see if you feel what I felt.

Alex: (Stands up from being sat by the cell wall.) Ok but this sounds very strange. (Takes Larry’s hand.) Whoa, son of a! (Pulls his hand away quick.)

Frank: Wait, wait, wait! What was that?!

Terry: (Freaked out) He…….. he…….

“The aliens walk up to the cells and me and Terry. Leaving the others to speculate further.”

Carl: Alex, what did you feel?

Alex: That we need to give that man more credit.

Frank: He has sold us out ever since we’ve been on this ship!

Alex: How do you know? You haven’t talked to him or seen him until today!